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The Quality Assurance Committee at the UKPB is responsible for the quality assurance policies of both of the prior learning recognition scheme and credentials assessment of every new candidate to the UKPB membership.

The Quality Assurance Committee oversight also includes:

   - Evaluating the professional CPD policies;
   - Establishing procedures and standards on an ongoing basis;
   - Formulating recommendations as necessary to ensure the continuing reputation and record of the UKPB CPD programmes as a high quality institution; and
  - Studying and recommending actions concerning all matters of an administrative nature, including, but not limited to, the policies governing admissions, readmissions, applications outcome assessment, the length and scheduling of CPD programmes, and other major activities.
CPD activities oversight includes studying, recommending action on, and establishing policies and procedures for approval, deletion, and change of all CPD programmes offerings, programmes descriptions and objectives.