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What is CPD?

UKPB Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term for a framework of learning and development activities, which is seen as contributing to individuals continued effectiveness as a professional. Another associated term is 'lifelong learning', although CPD has become the most commonly used term. This is because it comprises more than just learning activities, which are largely associated with taking courses and passively receiving information. CPD takes place in a number of contexts and through various activities. It does not simply involve taking a refresher course or two, but taking part in less structured, more job-specific activities such as on-the-job learning or mentoring.
Continuity is very important when it comes to CPD. Learning does not stop with the completion of a formal qualification as it can soon date with the rapid advances and changes in technology and industry we experience now. The latter fact results in an essential need for an efficient Continuing Professional Development System.

Why should Professionals do CPD?

CPD can enable a professional to:
     - Update knowledge and skills on existing and new areas of practice.
     - Keep professional qualifications up-to-date.
     - Raise individual profile through learning and networking, making the professional experience of the CPD taker more marketable to future employers.
     - Increase competence in a wider context benefiting both personal and professional roles.
     - Demonstrate commitment to the profession and optimising the feeling of empowerment.

Requirements for participating in a CPD programme:

UKPB requires all of its members to engage in CPD activities to ensure that they continue to represent the UKPB as competent and knowledgeable professionals in their chosen speciality. Members are encouraged to keep a log of their CPD activities using the extended CV template provided in the membership welcome pack. It is a main intention of the UKPB to monitor each member progress in his/her CPD activities, and all members are highly encouraged to keep appropriate records for this purpose.

General Information:


CPD Candidate Profile

Because our CPD programmes are designed for self-study at home or at work, they can be taken by anyone aged over 18. You do not need to be employed when you participate in the CPD programme but may need to be able to relate your studies to an organisation in order to complete the programme assignments. This could be a previous employer, a local business, or even a community group in which you are a member.

Method of Study

UKPB CPD programmes are offered in a self-study method, enabling students to complete their studies at work or at home over a timescale, which suits their other commitments. No formal attendance at a workshop is required but tutor support can be provided through the members interaction platform.

CPD study Materials

You will receive: CPD handbook with exercises and activities, study guide to help you plan your studies, tutor support through the members interaction platform, in addition to an extensive reading list and assessment materials. Materials are presented in a printable A4 size PDF files for convenience.

CPD Assessment

Participants are assessed through a series of tutor marked assignments based on their assimilation and application of the CPD programme content. The assignments take the form of a series of objective structured questions.

CPD Duration

There is no fixed timescale for the CPD. You may complete your programme at your convenience, and once registered you will have up to 12 months to complete.

Entry Requirements

There are no particular entry requirements for any UKPB member, but participants must be committed, and have access to a business or voluntary sector organisation in order to complete the programme assessment assignments which take the form of a series of objective structured questions.

Programme Development

We develop our CPD programmes in close consultation with teachers, industry leaders and governments’ guidelines to ensure they are relevant for our members professional development objectives.



List of our CPD programmes available during 2015:

Airline and Airport

  • Airline and Airport Conflict Management
  • Airline and Airport Customer Care
  • Airline and Airport Employment Guide
  • Airline and Airport Passenger Service Agents
  • Inflight Medical Care
  • Preparation for Air Cabin Crew Operations
  • Preparation for Airline and Airport Customer Care
  • Preparation for Airline and Airport Employment

    Business and Finance

  • Business Administration
  • Business Finance
  • Business Management
  • Business Marketing
  • Business Planning
  • Business Practice
  • Business Technology
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Effective Business Communicating
  • Executive Office Skills
  • Personnel Skills
  • Residential Home Management
  • Small Business Financial Management

    Computers and Information Technology

  • PC Technology
  • Web Design

    Human Understanding

  • Child Psychology
  • Conflict Management
  • Counselling
  • Human Physiology and Health
  • Managing Stress
  • Psychology


  • Sales Skills for Sales Advisor
  • Sales Skills for Sales Executive
  • Sales Skills for Senior Sales Executive

    Catering and Hospitality

  • Catering Operations
  • Food Hygiene and Healthy Eating
  • Hospitality
  • Safety Compliance
  • Supervisory Development


  • Retailing

    Safety and Supervisory

  • Safety Compliance
  • Supervisory Development

    Writing and Journalism

  • Fiction Writing
  • Freelance Journalism